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Week 20 – YWAM Kona, At the Crossroads – It is finished!

After all the goodbyes in Viet Nam last week, yesterday we had to say goodbye to all ourIMG_6519classmates, from our 5 month journey. We have debriefed and received a certificate to show that we are now officially YWAMers, our DTS has come to an end, it is finished! Or, perhaps, it has just started.

Some of our friends are staying on in Kona to take second-level courses or to join as staff. YWAM has over 20,000 permanent staff worldwide, in almost 1700 locations and no payroll. Most are returning to where they came from, some to pick up where they left off, others to find something else to do. We are taking a 3 day, 40th Anniversary vacation in Waikoloa as we wait for our next flight, which takes us home to snowy Alberta on Tuesday where we will reunite with our friends and family there. We look forward to catching up with all the exciting things that have happened while we have been away.

Summarizing our experience will be difficult, for many who have followed our blog regularly you already have an outline of our pilgrimage. But all that we shared about the time in the lecture phase, sitting under great biblical teaching and the time in Viet Nam on outreach is just a glimpse of all that happened to, for and through us.

This is the last posting on “At the Crossroads”, although I am sure there will be some mention in future reflections, as we journey “Beyond the Crossroads.” Our next posting will come once we get home. Thank you all for listening and taking part with us, we truly value your friendship and your desire to journey with us, this is not the end, it is a beginning.

Be blessed and be a blessing, A&G