An Unexpected Sign…

These are strange days, we are in the midst of an upside-down world, a world being changed by CoVid-19…

About twenty years ago I found a field rock on our acreage, in the foothills of southern Alberta, and decided to paint the life scripture that God had given me a year or so before. It was to be the theme scripture for the Cursillo weekend I was leading in November of 2001. I placed the rock by our front door, painted with the words taken from 2 Corinthians 5:20 “we are ambassadors for Christ.” It was a great reminder as we went in and out.

The rock at our acreage in Millarville, AB

It sat there for years. When we moved into Okotoks, the rock came and was added to our flower garden.

The rock in our Okotoks flower garden

A few years later, and as we prepared for God’s next step for our life, heading to YWAM, the rock moved with us to our apartment where it stayed on our balcony.

Last November, because of some construction work the rock moved indoors and sat on our carpet for months.

Yesterday, we got the use of our deck back, after 5 months of construction, and so I moved the rock back on to the deck. Glenda called out to me, in an astonished voice,”Come! Come and see the indent that rock has left in the carpet!!”

The Unexpected Sign left by the rock

Is it a sign? It adds new meaning to Jesus being the rock. We may never know what our footprint on earth will look like, but after twenty years of being “an ambassador for Christ,” this round rock leaves the shape of a heart impressed in the carpet. It surely, represents the love of God that Christ’s ambassadors should leave on the world. I pray that our live’s footprint will be the same.

Be blessed and be a blessing!!!


6 thoughts on “An Unexpected Sign…

  1. adventuresbillcarolgray

    Andy and Glenda,

    This is so cool. Hope you are both well 🙂

    Bill & I are doing well and thankful that we are in AZ.
    We’ve had a beautiful spring. We are walking everyday
    and getting to know neighbors we’ve never seen outside
    in the almost 4 years we have almost been here. We’ve
    had a couple of opportunities for fellowship with believers
    we did not know that lived in the neighborhood. We met
    one dear lady who is a widow. I am sure that after the sheltering
    at home mandates are lifted, we will be growing in relation-
    ship with her. She expressed how very lonely she is at this
    time. It is getting hot now and we can’t go inside, but we
    will try and get out earlier for our walks and visit with her
    on her patio.

    We are learning many new things from the Lord while we are
    in this “stay at home, be safe” time. I have been keeping a
    journal of all the things the Lord has been speaking to my heart.
    Bill & I have been studying Revelation together. Our Church is
    doing Sunday service and daily devotionals on line. We are
    also fasting and praying for the things our Pastors are wanting
    us to unite about and to heal our land.

    Blessings, Carol & Bill



    Thanks for sharing this. It is so timely to receive these visible signs of God’s presence with us no matter when. Blessings Millie

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  3. Michael-Anne

    Thank you, Andy and Glenda, for a most wonderful story, and the encouragement that goes with it. Blessings to you both, and looking forward to being able to sit down and chat.
    As always, your sister in Christ,



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