About Andy and Glenda

Like us, this page is also a Work In Progress.

Andy – Who am I?

I am a somebody, not a nobody, I have been created with a purpose. I am a traveller on a journey, or pilgrimage, to discover, explore and fulfill that purpose. I am a Christ-follower, I am a life-learner, a leader, a mentor, a friend, a husband, a father and a grandfather and yet still a child who has not yet grown up.

img_4741I have never denied being a Christian, after all I was born in England in 1956 what else would I be?

1975 married Glenda, in January 2017 we will celebrate 42 years!!!

1988 I moved my family, 5 of us, to Calgary, Alberta from the UK and we have lived in and around the city since. Today we have an expanding family with somewhere between 3 & 9 children and 9 & 11 grandchildren, depending upon how you count. In fact August 2016, at the celebration of my 60th birthday, there are 25 people in my family photograph.

in 1994 my understanding of being Christian changed. Jesus didn’t say, doesn’t say we have to be born Christian he says we have to be “born again”. I have experienced this re-birth and I am, without doubt, a new creation.

Glenda – Who am I?

Discovered the living Christ at 8 years old when Billy Graham explained what happened when my Dad died a few months before.


The two of us

The fourth quarter 2014 started a new phase. In September we arrived at YWAM Kona where we participated in a Crossroads Discipleship Training School. At the end of the 12 week lecture phase we spent 9 weeks in Hanoi, Vietnam on outreach. This journey is documented on this site under the category YWAM Kona CDTS Sept 2014, please read through. We are now YWAMmers and are back in Kona trying to give back a little of what we received by serving as staff for the Sept 2016 CDTS.

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