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On the Move Again, Still.

After the worldwide testing period, known as the global CoVid pandemic, it is time to provide an update. Personally, I was able to weather this period without any health issues. I never tested positive for CoVid, of course, I never actually tested 😉 CoVid never really affected us other than the travel restrictions and the ability to attend public worship services.

Although, our decision to step away from serving our Lord, Jesus the Christ, through YWAM Kona Crossroads DTS included some health issues, BPH and its subsequent surgery, for me. That is another story and I should write a seperate post about it.

It has taken a few years to get back in the groove. Oh, yes, it is true that every day we wake up we are on the mission, the mission to help Jesus bring in the harvest, to reconcile the world to God by making disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Thinking back over the time since my “An Unexpected Sign” post, a lot has happened. After Kona we spent time with YWAM Turner Valley here in Alberta, while Glenda studied in the SBS classes, I staffed with the Essential Services Team, looking after the facilities and I taught in a couple of DTS classes. Another change that really resulted from our experiences with YWAM has lead us to change churches, we now worship with Experience Church (EC) – Calgary. In the fall of 2019 Glenda and I particpated in an excellent month-long International Leaders training with The Keystone Project in South Dakota. This training introduced us to many missional leaders from around the world. Africa, Asia, Central and South America as well as Canada and USA.

Early in 2020 I joined the team at Mission Thrift Store Okotoks volunteering in the Electronics Department and serving on the Board of Directors. Mission Thrift Stores exist to support the work of Bible League Canada. Net proceeds from all sales are invested in transformational Bible-based programs including adult ministry, children’s ministry, starting new churches, and persecuted church ministries in over 40 countries around the world. After 3 years I now find myself chairing the Board as we help lead this important work, sending CAD600,000 in to BLC last year, and supporting many local missions with needed products.

As you know international missions has been an important part of my ministry since being part of the Blessings to Chile church build trip in November 2002. For many years, I used most of my vacation time to help grow the kingdom of God in Belize and Chile. Then in 2014, Glenda and I took early retirement went to Youth With A Mission where we served in USA, Vietnam and Canada. Then CoVid slowed us down, but I have remained involved with supporting God’s mission by working with Mission Thrift Store Okotoks, raising funds for Bible League Canada which supports spreading the gospel in more than 40 countries. I have also been able to participate in mission to a first nations community in Fort Chipewyan, AB. Along with helping disciple others into a fully committed relationship with Jesus and his church.

A new door has opened for me. This August I will be traveling to India as part of a team of volunteers from Experience Church Calgary and Samaritan’s Purse Canada. The focus of the first two weeks will be working with women and children who have been rescued from exploitation and trafficking. Both ministries are focussed not just on rescue and rehabilitaion but are teaching and training within families and communities to help prevent women, children and men from being exploited.

As a Team member, in preparation for the trip, I am participating in an 8-session program in Canada on the topic of ‘Protection For the Vulnerable’, exploring global and local issues close to the heart of God. The team members will then travel to spend time in rural areas of India, around Madurai, to participate in trafficking awareness and livelihood development projects, as well as helping those in need.

The team will head back to Canada on September 2nd. I am planning to remain in India for a further week to connect with some pastors I met while at the Keystone Project in South Dakota in the fall of 2019. I have maintained an online relationship with them and will be engaging in some ministry with the local church in northern Tamil-Nadu province. I never cease to be amazed how God is working in and through people.

Today, I am inviting you to partner with me in prayer as I prepare for this trip, and for Glenda who will remain at home in Canada. It has been my practice, over the years we have spent in missions, that we fund our personal expenses out of the provision that God has blessed us with over the years. However, should you feel called to provide financial support you can do so at this website and Samaritans Purse will provide a tax receipt to Canadian residents. Donate to Likewise India Experience Church Team August 2023 – ARead ( or via PayPal at Donate | Andy and Glenda Read (
Any support received will free up more of our resources to invest in building His kingdom through spreading the message of Jesus to the nations, during this time in India.

Thank you.

I anticipate posting updates during the trip on this blog site

Be blessed and be a blessing,


An Unexpected Sign…

These are strange days, we are in the midst of an upside-down world, a world being changed by CoVid-19…

About twenty years ago I found a field rock on our acreage, in the foothills of southern Alberta, and decided to paint the life scripture that God had given me a year or so before. It was to be the theme scripture for the Cursillo weekend I was leading in November of 2001. I placed the rock by our front door, painted with the words taken from 2 Corinthians 5:20 “we are ambassadors for Christ.” It was a great reminder as we went in and out.

The rock at our acreage in Millarville, AB

It sat there for years. When we moved into Okotoks, the rock came and was added to our flower garden.

The rock in our Okotoks flower garden

A few years later, and as we prepared for God’s next step for our life, heading to YWAM, the rock moved with us to our apartment where it stayed on our balcony.

Last November, because of some construction work the rock moved indoors and sat on our carpet for months.

Yesterday, we got the use of our deck back, after 5 months of construction, and so I moved the rock back on to the deck. Glenda called out to me, in an astonished voice,”Come! Come and see the indent that rock has left in the carpet!!”

The Unexpected Sign left by the rock

Is it a sign? It adds new meaning to Jesus being the rock. We may never know what our footprint on earth will look like, but after twenty years of being “an ambassador for Christ,” this round rock leaves the shape of a heart impressed in the carpet. It surely, represents the love of God that Christ’s ambassadors should leave on the world. I pray that our live’s footprint will be the same.

Be blessed and be a blessing!!!

2018 brings change

Over two years have rushed by since our last update, and these have been years of change…

I promised go be a more frequent poster but have failed miserably. Maybe this time!!

Maybe with a different focus, let’s see.