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“Back at the Crossroads” Again – Ha Noi 2016

We arrived safely in Hanoi, after a long but smooth journey, with minimal layovers. Asiana treated us well, especially the rib-eye steak between Honolulu and Seoul. We landed in Hanoi just after 10pm, so after clearing immigration and customs, and traveling in a 29 passenger bus with all our luggage, we moved into our housing in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Into bed by 3am and wide awake at 5:30, the city doesn’t stop. Construction and traffic running 24 hours, it is still alive.

Our team of 17 is housed in a villa and a 3BR apartment in the Quang An area of Tay Ho district in northern Ha Noi. We have a 2 minute walk between us and get to meet up every day. This area of the city has a lot more westerners/foreigners than where we have lived previously and much easier access (and greater temptation) to  western restaurants.

We celebrated Christmas as a group, sharing a great meal together, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, gravy, vegetables. We had a traditional Danish rice and almond dessert, sang carols around the Christmas tree and shared gifts.

We are becoming reacquainted with Ha Noi, with the motorbikes, the non-existent sidewalks, the street-crossing, the awesome street food, the amazingly welcoming people. We are meeting old friends and making new ones, we walk, we take taxis and UBER rides, we try to speak Viet and we laugh. Opportunities to meet more people and get to know them are occurring daily. Looking forward to seeing all that happens over the next few months.


Until next time be blessed and be a blessing, A&G


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Back at the Crossroads Again – Spiritual Warfare, The Cross, Evangelism

Another three weeks of school are over, just three weeks until we leave for Hanoi. Time can be such a warped thing. Physically it is measured in constants; but in actuality, the 3 months we have been here at YWAM Kona, frequently flips between feeling like 3 years or 3 days. The 3 weeks until we leave will fly by. Ready or not we will be on the aeroplane, fortunately He equips the called! Here is some breaking news, our team will be returning to Kona without us. as Glenda and I are planning on staying in Vietnam until we return to Alberta on June 20th 2017.

Dave Bryan, and his team from the Church of Glad Tidings in Yuba City, were back teaching on Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance. The teaching really is a vivid reminder of the battle between good and evil both in the world and within our head, and equips the students (and staff) with the tools needed to fight the war. Dave has a lot of experience as a somewhat reluctant participant. You can read of some of his experiences in his book “The Serpent and the Saviour.”

Jean Norment shared her message on Unveiling the Cross, Jean has spent more than 30 years researching the Cross and has many experiences of clinging to the cross. She teaches how the Cross must be the centre of the Christian life.


One of the most amazingly spectacular sunsets we have seen in Hawaii appeared on Sunday November 20th. This photo was taken from a friend’s back yard further up the mountain than the YWAM base. We had been invited for a BBQ and were enjoying an awesome meal with Ken as the sun was setting.

Danny Lehmann, a long time YWAMmer, now part  of the Campus Leadership Team here at the Kona base, spoke on Evangelism. He always gives away copies of his book “Beautiful Feet: Steps to a Lifestyle of Evangelism” to all the students. Much of his teaching comes from the Bible, this book and his life experience as an equipping evangelist. As I look over my growing list of book recommendations from YWAM it is obvious that Danny is a prolific reader. The fact that “Readers make Leaders” is a truism evidenced in Danny’s life.

Last Thursday was American Thanksgiving, we had a turkey dinner with over 1000 family at the Aloha Lanai cafeteria, here on campus. The dinner was preceded by a campus wide thanksgiving service, Darlene Cunningham shared the message. It was her first public engagement since August when a bad lung infection almost took her life. Gladly she was back to her old self as she shared the miracle stories that have led YWAM to the place it is today. A huge organism of over 20,000 full-time mission workers, with over 1100 locations in over 170 countries that is involved in huge initiatives world-wide and collaborates with many other organizations for the benefit of the global mission.

img_0268I have had a couple of opportunities to go kayaking here in the Kahului Bay, a couple of Saturday mornings. Heading out early we can can paddle a couple of hours and get back to base in time for brunch. A couple of weeks ago, we had about 40 or more dolphins out with us. Last Saturday, no dolphins but the adventure continued as we had some great swells in the ocean with waves breaking over the bow of the kayak on occasion.

img_0367Each Tuesday morning we gather in the Prayer Room for family worship and intercession, it has been awesome to have the teens and children involved in leading the worship, great kudos go to Brian and Cristina, two of our students, who have done an amazing job of getting the young’uns involved.



Last week some good friends from Calgary took time to visit us on campus while they were vacationing on the Big Island. We have known Dennis and Dayna since my first mission trip, in Nov 2002, when we served together in Santiago, Chile. A year after our time in Chile, they attended Cursillo  weekends in Calgary and so our paths continue to cross. It was great to be able to share a couple of hours with them, to show them around the base, and catch up on all that is happening in their life.

Until next time be blessed and be a blessing, A&G


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The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Permanent Text Edition® (2016). Copyright © 2001 byCrossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

“Back at the Crossroads” Again – Identity, Listening, Plumbline, Holy Spirit

This fall’s Crossroads school is well under way, in fact we are almost halfway through the lecture phase. Already we have witnessed lives being transformed, we have seen physical and emotional healing, and we have seen people freed from all kinds of baggage. People are getting healthier as they learn and walk more in the Way.

Our outreach locations and teams are finalized and we are preparing for our time in the field. This Crossroads School has teams heading to Battambang, Cambodia; Penang, Malaysia, and we will be with the group going to Hanoi, Vietnam.  We already know that we have an awesome team. We will be flying to Hanoi on December 19th and we are looking forward to our third trip into Vietnam with much anticipation.

Over the past weeks we have had some great teaching from:–

Ivan Roman – Identity in Christ. Knowing whose we are in life is huge, it is missing in many peoples lives, when we understand that we are children of God, we understand the authority that we walk in.
Donna Jordan – Listening to God. Everyone can hear God’s voice, in fact, we all do, but often we don’t recognize it or know how to discern it from other voices: our own voice; other peoples’ voice or the enemy’s voice. Spend time getting to know the Father and we will recognize His voice.
Dr Bruce Thompson – Divine Plumbline, the premise here is that we build walls using the wrong plumbline Amos 8 healing, when we identify the bricks our walls are made from and replace them with what Christ has done Jesus can restore lives.
Gord Whyte – Holy Spirit, so much has happened in the lives of us all over the past few weeks and Holy Spirit has built on that foundation of transformation this week.

Thursday Night Gatherings have been powerful this year, in both worship and teaching. Follow the link and you can watch the livestream or look back through the archives. Some of the people that have spoken this quarter are:–

Landa Cope, is the Founding International Dean of the College of  Communication for Youth With A Mission’s University of the Nations. Her rendition of the creation story is well-worth watching, the Korean translator adds to the enjoyment. But the takeaway word, for me, from Landa was definitely “When you focus on knowing God you will make Him known, when you focus on making Him known you will the lose the reason, and joy, of making Him known.”
Frank Heinrich of the German  Bundestag (Government). Frank is a Salvation Army officer who was elected as Member of Parliament for Chemnitz, in east Germany. He shared some of his journey of how he moved from religion to politics without denying his faith in Jesus.
Loren Cunningham spoke on Ending Bible Poverty. It is a reality, thanks to ground-breaking technology. God is reclaiming that which Satan has stolen and restoring it for good in the area of the internet and technology. Follow some of these links to explore some of the things that are happening Global Bible Network,

We had a casting call for Jo, The Medicine Runner, and on Facebook (not much info there yet, but it will come soon.) David L. Cunningham, son of Loren and Darlene the founders of YWAM, is directing this movie  based on a true story about a young boy who ran medicine up the mountain here on the Big Island.

blessingPhotographs are few and far between this year, but here is one of me, Andy, receiving a prayer of blessing on the 22nd anniversary of my re-birth. This was followed up by my full-immersion baptism. This has been a long on-going argument for me. As an Anglican I have not renounced my infant “sprinkling baptism” nor my “confirmations”, (2), nor the many “reaffirmation of baptismal vows” with and without asperges I have made through the years. I believe that God has blessed me through those and they have had great influence in my walk. But right from my re-birth on 4th November 1994 I have been bothered, on occasion feeling ripped-off, by the lack of a more-Christ like experience. John the Baptist didn’t just sprinkle Jesus. For quite a while now, I have been asking God to reveal anything that is holding me back from going deeper with Him. So on Thursday as Gord Whyte was talking about baptism, it occurred to me that this may be inhibiting my relationship, so I took the “plunge”, the very next day, my 22nd re-birthday! This being done, I shall continue to ask God to do in me all that he needs to so that through me he can do all he wants to do.

Lots of links to explore this edition. 🙂


Morning Worship in Classroom

Until next time be blessed and be a blessing, A&G


Scripture fromEnglish Standard Version (ESV)

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Permanent Text Edition® (2016). Copyright © 2001 byCrossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.