“Back at the Crossroads” Again – Identity, Listening, Plumbline, Holy Spirit

This fall’s Crossroads school is well under way, in fact we are almost halfway through the lecture phase. Already we have witnessed lives being transformed, we have seen physical and emotional healing, and we have seen people freed from all kinds of baggage. People are getting healthier as they learn and walk more in the Way.

Our outreach locations and teams are finalized and we are preparing for our time in the field. This Crossroads School has teams heading to Battambang, Cambodia; Penang, Malaysia, and we will be with the group going to Hanoi, Vietnam.  We already know that we have an awesome team. We will be flying to Hanoi on December 19th and we are looking forward to our third trip into Vietnam with much anticipation.

Over the past weeks we have had some great teaching from:–

Ivan Roman – Identity in Christ. Knowing whose we are in life is huge, it is missing in many peoples lives, when we understand that we are children of God, we understand the authority that we walk in.
Donna Jordan – Listening to God. Everyone can hear God’s voice, in fact, we all do, but often we don’t recognize it or know how to discern it from other voices: our own voice; other peoples’ voice or the enemy’s voice. Spend time getting to know the Father and we will recognize His voice.
Dr Bruce Thompson – Divine Plumbline, the premise here is that we build walls using the wrong plumbline Amos 8 healing, when we identify the bricks our walls are made from and replace them with what Christ has done Jesus can restore lives.
Gord Whyte – Holy Spirit, so much has happened in the lives of us all over the past few weeks and Holy Spirit has built on that foundation of transformation this week.

Thursday Night Gatherings have been powerful this year, in both worship and teaching. Follow the link and you can watch the livestream or look back through the archives. Some of the people that have spoken this quarter are:–

Landa Cope, is the Founding International Dean of the College of  Communication for Youth With A Mission’s University of the Nations. Her rendition of the creation story is well-worth watching, the Korean translator adds to the enjoyment. But the takeaway word, for me, from Landa was definitely “When you focus on knowing God you will make Him known, when you focus on making Him known you will the lose the reason, and joy, of making Him known.”
Frank Heinrich of the German  Bundestag (Government). Frank is a Salvation Army officer who was elected as Member of Parliament for Chemnitz, in east Germany. He shared some of his journey of how he moved from religion to politics without denying his faith in Jesus.
Loren Cunningham spoke on Ending Bible Poverty. It is a reality, thanks to ground-breaking technology. God is reclaiming that which Satan has stolen and restoring it for good in the area of the internet and technology. Follow some of these links to explore some of the things that are happening https://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/ Global Bible Network, Bible.is

We had a casting call for Jo, The Medicine Runner, and on Facebook (not much info there yet, but it will come soon.) David L. Cunningham, son of Loren and Darlene the founders of YWAM, is directing this movie  based on a true story about a young boy who ran medicine up the mountain here on the Big Island.

blessingPhotographs are few and far between this year, but here is one of me, Andy, receiving a prayer of blessing on the 22nd anniversary of my re-birth. This was followed up by my full-immersion baptism. This has been a long on-going argument for me. As an Anglican I have not renounced my infant “sprinkling baptism” nor my “confirmations”, (2), nor the many “reaffirmation of baptismal vows” with and without asperges I have made through the years. I believe that God has blessed me through those and they have had great influence in my walk. But right from my re-birth on 4th November 1994 I have been bothered, on occasion feeling ripped-off, by the lack of a more-Christ like experience. John the Baptist didn’t just sprinkle Jesus. For quite a while now, I have been asking God to reveal anything that is holding me back from going deeper with Him. So on Thursday as Gord Whyte was talking about baptism, it occurred to me that this may be inhibiting my relationship, so I took the “plunge”, the very next day, my 22nd re-birthday! This being done, I shall continue to ask God to do in me all that he needs to so that through me he can do all he wants to do.

Lots of links to explore this edition. 🙂


Morning Worship in Classroom

Until next time be blessed and be a blessing, A&G


Scripture fromEnglish Standard Version (ESV)

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1 thought on ““Back at the Crossroads” Again – Identity, Listening, Plumbline, Holy Spirit

  1. Neil

    Howdy Brother Pooh…. Man, I’ve seen Jesus harvest more fruit through you than he will get from many of us in our life time. Keep on refilling bro so more of those with the “Sunday Morning Sidewalk” blues are touched!!
    PS… When you get a chance to go for a dip with Ruslan in January, could it be the fruit will be multiplied many fold … just a thought Lovns

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