Back at the Crossroads – Last days

This post was written at New Year, but never published. 😦

The last days of 2015, that is. For us, December 17th, not the 21st, was the shortest day of the year, we left Hawaii at 1040 on Friday morning, we were in the air for 9 hours 40 minutes landing in Tokyo at 1520 on Saturday afternoon. Seems like we are time travellers. Crossing the date line meant that we were some of the earliest celebrators of Christmas and New Year, too.

Our last two speakers at Kona were  great encouragers Fred Markert on Missions and Don Stephens speaking on the Kingdom and some different worldviews. Don spoke last year and was just as entertaining and inspiring this time. Fred has served with YWAM for most of his life but was a new speaker for us. He has lived missions all his life, he is a good friend of Brother Andrew, and many others that he met while working behind challenging borders, he is an inspiring speaker and world-renowned missiologist.
DSC_4254 DSC_4230 DSC_4233

We left Kona, Hawaii and flew to Honolulu and then on to overnight in Tokyo. We had a hotel and the 22 hours allowed us time to catch the bus into Ginza District of Tokyo where we visited for one hour and ate some food. We flew from Tokyo to Seoul and now…

IMG_0216We are in Hanoi, Vietnam, doing the fieldwork part of our course with our team. We are living in the north of the city near Ho Tay (West Lake) near where we were last year. The team gathers regularly for worship and prayer. There are 15 of us from USA, Canada, Norway, Switzerland and Germany, the youngest is Noah who is just ten months.IMG_0241We are volunteering by teaching conversational english in both a private university and language schools. Our team has also been able to share some english with younger children too, on ChristDSC_4481mas Eve we DSC_4500had 200+ show up in one location. It was very interesting, we had no sound system and no language, getting control was challenging. We were reminded that we need to F.R.O.G. so we took time away to speak to our Papa and H.S. came and calmed the storm! We managed to get them all sitting to watch the puppet show, and to participate in games using a parachute and then some Christmas crafts.

Until next time, be blessed and be a blessing, A&G








2 thoughts on “Back at the Crossroads – Last days

  1. Neil

    It’s a good job Vicky and Jo are here to fill me in, otherwise I was thinking you might have beat me to being with Jesus!
    I didn’t know missionaries or is it children’s ministry have their own language; what is this? ….we need to F.R.O.G. so we took time away to speak to our Papa and H.S ?


  2. Cathy Bartsch

    Hello Andy and Glenda,
    Glad to see an update from you. Sounds like you are having fun! Keep up the great work.
    Wishing you both all the best for 2016!!
    Miss you….
    Cathy Bartsch



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