Week 6 – YWAM Kona, At the Crossroads – Holy Spirit

For me, this was a full week without leaving the University of the Nations campus, and Glenda just walked down to the ABC Store and Farmers Market, with a couple of girlfriends, for Papaya and Lilikoi.

One thing is for certain, if we came here with any religious spirits they would have been complaining quite strongly this week. Any concerns we had that this was going to be a flaky, orchestrated, manipulative, pushing-people-over kind of week were quickly dispelled. We sat under 15 hours ofIMG_5226 captivating teaching, (including lots of prayer and some expelling) on the Holy Spirit by Gord Whyte of Healing Gate MinistriesAnd then we voluntarily signed up for a weekend “Beyond Freedom” seminar with another 14 hours going deeper into the healing ministry of Holy Spirit. This was a very positive week for everyone that I talked with. Most people received healing spiritually, emotionally, physically and felt freer than ever. In the physical realm we saw one leg grow about 20mm in length, I personally, have much less pain in my heels than I did at the beginning of the week.
Some takeaways: As a believer, the Holy Spirit is a dove, it sits on your shoulder wherever you go; as a believer don’t pray for stuff you already have; as a believer you cannot operate in someone else’s anointing; the dark-side is real but Jesus has won; escape the “church” and become a prisoner of Christ; as a believer you have the power in you to do more than Jesus did (John 14:12); healing is the #1 evangelism tool used by Jesus.

IMG_5206On Tuesday I celebrated the twentieth anniversary of my rebirth in Christ. Our suite-mates Kyu Hup Hwang and Gui Ja Lee sang me a birthday hymn. Fortunately, I recognized the tune 🙂 although going by my humming I didn’t really, there is a video posted on Facebook please enjoy, it really blessed me.

Are You Washed in the Blood of Jesus?

On Thursday night at Ohana Court the speaker was David L Cunningham, who is “an international filmmaker. Besides his documentary credits in more than 40 countries, Cunningham has also directed several feature films including To End All Wars (2001) and the TV miniseries The Path to 9/11 (2006). Cunningham is represented by the United Talent Agency.” Wikipedia Bio.
David is also the son of Loren and Darlene Cunningham, the founders of YWAM and the University of the Nations. He spoke about how his Christian worldview has influenced his career in the sphere of Entertainment. One great story took place while he was filming in Romania, when he arrived he was asked what the crew would need and he asked for a school so that the film crew could take their kids, which never happens in Hollywood, the Romanians built one almost overnight.

IMG_5209IMG_5200All the effort made to get excused from Work Duty this week was really unnecessary as there was a shortage of rocks to fill the holes we have already dug and we ended up with very little to do for three days. On the plus side, we did have time to stop and smell the plumeria flowers. This is an awesome work crew, it never ceases to amaze me how few complaints there are when we don’t have a paycheque tied to our labours.

This weeks wildlife shots include a roach that decide to share our bathroom and a herd of feral pigs that tried to surprise me by running out of the brush at full speed while I was walking around the campus wild area.


and some “wild” flora


Be blessed, be a blessing, and believe!!



2 thoughts on “Week 6 – YWAM Kona, At the Crossroads – Holy Spirit

  1. robpetkau

    Happy rebirthday, Andy! I love the takeaways you included. I look forward to meditating on these notions and seeing what new truths God will reveal to me through them. Thanks again for the blogs. A little Hawaii goes a long way for us here in Calgary, where winter has arrived with gusto. Blessings to you both!



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