Week 3 – YWAM Kona, At the Crossroads – Plumbline

The past week is known as Plumbline around YWAM Kona.

Our teaching, Divine Plumbline, came via DVD presented by its author Dr Bruce Thompson. The seminar is an excellent teaching based on the prophecy of Amos and follows Israel’s return from the Babylonian exile in Ezra and the rebuilding of the walls as described by Nehemiah, paralleling our own life journey, how we use false plumb lines and even when we do use God’s plumb line the weight is often swinging causing us to build crooked walls. Thursday was a ministry day, a day of tearing down and rebuilding walls so they are plumb.

Friday was a chill day.

After morning worship and a time of sharing testimonies from earlier in the week, the men took off to the south. We had planned to visit beaches for swimming but Hurricane Ana was threatening the islands. We stopped at a bay with lava rock cliffs and caves overlooking Maihi Bay, (Neil and Susan you may recognize this is the bay where Neil capsized us all).


“I love to stand at ocean shore And feel the thundering breakers roar…
How could I say there is no God? When all around creation calls!!” – Brian Doerksen

We threw rocks far out in the water to symbolize God taking our stuff and burying deep into the sea, never to be taken back. Here are a couple of the guys doing just that…

We then shared Communion with each other on the clifftop, it was an incredibly meaningful time.
We did find a beach that is protected by the pier and had a quick swim, my first opportunity to get in the water since getting here. I had forgotten how salty the water is and how difficult it is to sink here, even when standing up with my arms at my side I was floating with my nose almost out of the water!

Glenda and her ladies group had a wonderful time walking around Kailua-Kona and enjoyed a coffee shop overlooking the bay.



Hurricane Ana and Water Baptisms


This was the sunset the night before we were to have a visit from Hurricane Ana. Thanks to lots of prayer it became Tropical Storm Ana and passed 250 Kms west of Kona leaving us with just a wet Saturday with some bigger surf but by the time Sunday came around we were able to witness 6 water baptisms in the ocean by Living Stones church. If you look carefully at the picture on the right you will see a turtle checking out how its Creator was working in peoples lives that morning.

DSC_0251 DSC_0244

Crossroads has Talent night

This event was organized by Einar, one of our Norwegian Crossroaders, who is playing and singing here. It was an enormous success, everyone had a lot of fun after a fairly heavy week.

DSC_0232DSC_0199 DSC_0219DSC_0224 DSC_0189DSC_0212






Outreach Location

Our outreach location has been confirmed. We will be visiting Hanoi, Vietnam from around Dec 19th to February 18th, 2015. We should have the actual flight dates this week. Trying to learn some Vietnamese, I found this helpful video teaching on youtube.


More next week, be blessed and be a blessing!!


2 thoughts on “Week 3 – YWAM Kona, At the Crossroads – Plumbline

  1. Millie Vance

    Thanks so much for your updates, everything looks fabulous living in community. I watched the 1st video translating the alphabet. Who knew you could make so many different sounds from the same letters. The both of you are an inspiration.



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