We are off!!

Just a quick note to say we are off. After more than a year and many farewells, we are off on a journey of exploration for 5 months with Youth With A Mission.

Today we will spend much time in the air, the cheap flights, take us east before going west, Calgary to Dallas, Dallas to Honolulu, Honolulu to Kona. Eighteen and a half hours travel time. Not complaining though, when we arrive at Kona YWAM staff will meet us and take us too the base, where we get registered and taken to our room.

The begins the 12 week lecture phase of our “voluntary short-term missionary training program.” Need to memorize that for US Immigration this morning…

Be blessed and be a blessing!


3 thoughts on “We are off!!


    Must be exciting to be starting such an adventure in a new location and new training. Many blessings for your willingness to undertake this mission.



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