In the beginning, or somewhere further along the path.

In the Beginning God created…

God created what? everything! including Andy Read! why? for a purpose!

Anyway, the next phase for Andy & Glenda is about to begin, and there are enough good folks out there whom God has had us cross paths with, who want to stay in touch that I am committing to blogging. Andy, I have never kept a diary or journaled. Andy Read is making this commitment here.

You see, there are just 10 weeks before we leave for YWAM CDTS, and 17 working days left before I leave the University of Calgary.

Oh oh, the acronyms are getting in the way? Yup!! Okay, let me explain…

YWAM, Youth With A Mission. It turns out that we are “older” youth, so we are going.
CDTS, Crossroads Discipleship Training School, we have come to a crossroads in life and we are ready to move in His direction.

On August 29th I, Andy, will end my employment with the University of Calgary. Even now, I see this change will have some difficulty, the world around us puts so much emphasis on what we do is who we are. I know differently and yet…

I will share more later…

I’ll leave it there for this first blog posting.


2 thoughts on “In the beginning, or somewhere further along the path.

  1. Ed Cairns

    Andy – most of us never leave our comfort zone – and I’m one of those who try’s to stay in that safe area. Never risk money, job security, our circle of family and friends, or go back to school complete with the possibility of struggling to pass a course! Yet Andy you have risked all this and more. The workers are few! God bless you guys in this endeavour. Perhaps even a guy like me stuck in the center of my comfort zone will be inspired by your example…..


  2. robpetkau

    Great post, Andy! Welcome to bloggerhood. I can’t wait to read more about how God uses you and Glenda in the days, weeks, years and decades to come, in your future blog posts! God bless!



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